Sponsorship Plan

      Apart from government subsidies, this Council also attaches great importance to support from the business community. The generous sponsorship of enterprises is not only a support for this Council, but also an important investment in the scientific and technological sector in which Macao's development is relatively lagging behind. Supporting us will enable the continuous development of the science and technology sector in Macao and enhance the cultural and living standards of the local people. It will also enable more than 30 million visitors to Australia to experience the unique vitality of Macau.

     Let Macao catch up with the "Internet +" current most dynamic economic form and carry out this plan. In addition, by supporting the WIFI Street (WIFIGUIDE) program of the Macao International Technology Association, your organization can enhance its corporate image and enhance its brand reputation. At the same time, the event will participate in special events such as launching/creative competitions on the Internet and in different media. We are committed to contributing to the Macau technology industry and hope to be able to work side by side with your organization and get your generous support.


Title sponsorship

      A company or foundation may choose to sponsor an exclusive sponsor of an event. The name of the sponsoring organization will be part of the event name.