Plan YLAB Macau WIFIGUIDE (Innovative Nursery and Information Open Platform)

Release date:2018/07/19
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YLAB Macau WIFIGUIDE (Innovative Nursery and Information Open Platform)


      The Macao International Technology Industry Development Association promotes open resources (OpenDATA), integrates Y5GUIDE and various software on a single portal for public and travellers to browse and program developers to add value.

      The platform is expected to be completed in the middle and late 2017. In order to encourage all walks of life to use the open data collection of the plan, we will continue to integrate the major information competitions and integrate the resources of the industry, academia and research institutes to increase the value of the Macao open data collection. Currently, we are in contact with major government departments and multiple mobile application services. The data set.

Our goal:

* Provides easy access to open data

* Focus data query and usage instructions on a single portal to improve the quality of information services.

* Promote government open data value-added and application

* Encourage individuals, businesses and organizations to use open materials to create knowledge assets and convenient services to enhance the city's friendliness.

* Improve government transparency and effectiveness

* Open data in the form of services, data sets, statistics, etc., to create an information infrastructure that participates in collaborative collaboration.