About Us

      The Macao International Industrial Technology Development Association is committed to promoting the sustainable development of local technology industry, software and scientific research, actively safeguarding the rights and interests of the industry, and safeguarding local scientific research results. In the spirit of "excellence, innovation and change", we will strengthen communication and cooperation with the community. Work hard and contribute to the Macao technology industry. The Association has dozens of experts and scholars from different fields, and can provide academic research and technical support for researchers. From the development, development, and post-production and marketing of technology products/services, we are committed to providing one-stop services for the industry and actively finding suitable matching for local companies to enhance business development.


     In order to enhance the international vision of members and enhance the local industry technology level, the Association will communicate with domestic and overseas companies, colleges, institutions and organizations to promote collaborative innovation and regional cooperation, and seek more development space and opportunities for the industry. In addition, we attach importance to the cultivation of young technology professionals, focus on improving the professional skills and interest of young people, encourage them to care for the society, become the pillars of the country, and let them have innovative, positive and positive thinking, which is the responsibility and mission of the members of the association! We hope that the young people will be the driving force to promote social development in the direction of harmony and stability.